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Counselling For Kids

For many years, I have contracted to primary schools in Tauranga to work with young children, creating a warm and friendly relationship through 'Play Therapy'. Most often children interpret adults as 'big'... I set out to help them feel at ease, safe, and listened to by an adult. I have found that children open up easier while enjoying play dough and colouring-in, checkers or marbles!

As we play, I gently talk about their life - simply the things that make them happy and the things that make them sad. By listening as they casually talk, I often hear children make statements about themselves - positive or negative - and that helps me to identify where a child is at. It's my job to help them to know that things can get better. It's my job to let them know we care.

If you have a group of children, or a single child, that you think needs help in knowing someone cares - please don't hestitate! Get in touch with me today, my contact details are right here on this website.